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"Blu Blowin'", her debut album for Capitol back in 1987, was the result of winning the 1986 Star Search contest after appearing in four shows for two minutes each. Those eight minutes netted her $100,000 and the Grand Champion Female Vocalist title. Who says that making it in this game is difficult, eh? What nonsense. Anyway, that album's sleeve-notes revealed that all the guitars played by a certain Ted Perlman. Fifteen years on, Pearly's not only in charge of the production chores, but plays all the instruments and is responsible for the programming as well. All but one track, anyway, but we'll come to that. It's not the one track on this new set that I feel a little uncomfortable with wither, because that's where she sounds so like Tina Turner you think it might be time for the human dynamo to move over and give someone else a chance. But let's not go there, because Peggi Blu is a much better singer than Tina ever was, if not slightly less well off. Her range and control is awesome, and she has not become a household name is another mystery. All you need to know is that this album is one of the best releases of the year so far, and contains so many good cuts it would take far too long to list them. I will mention though, the one that Pearly missed, the sublime knee-trembler version of Marlena's "Go Away Little Boy". If you're going to cover a record this enormous as this, you've got to do it justice. She does.

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It's been a staggering 15 years since singer Peggi Blu last issued a solo record. That was 1987's "Blu Blowin'" for MCA, which attracted attention in the UK largely on account of the suburb Nick Martinelli-produced groove ballad, "Tender Moments." In the intervening years, Peggi has been busy doing session work for the likes of Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Phillip Bailey and even she of the peach-pert derriere, Kylie Minogue. But finally the dynamic Ms. Blu's back with a fine 12-song set on Expansion. With sympathetic production by her husband, guitarist/songwriter Ted Perlman, Peggi's distinctive voice shines on an engaging mixture of fast and slow material. The sensual mid-tempo "Uh Oh" showcases Blu's expressive, gospel-reared voice to good effect, along with ballads like "Long After Midnight." the heart-rendering title track and a sax-laced sultry remake of the Goffin/King number. "Go Away Little Boy" (as famously cut by Marlena Shaw). On the uptempo front, the infectious"Can't Go Back" is bound to fill the floors on the Modern Soul scene. Overall, a solid, enjoyable set - but let's hope we don't have to wait another 15 years for Ms. Blu's next opus.

**** [cw]

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Peggi's one of those singers who've been around for years -- doing studio work, singing in various settings, but never getting the chance to cut that one strong album -- until now. This set may be Peggi's best ever -- a well-honed batch of tracks recorded with backings by Ted Perlman -- smooth, soulful, with plenty of tracks that show off Peggi's roots in gospel, yet translate that energy to a more modern R&B idiom.

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One of Soul music's best kept secrets. Amazingly deep, rich and sultry voiced lady has only recorded three albums, including this one. This 12 track CD mid 80's style album provides a minimalist background for Peggi's powerful voice. Standouts are the midtempo "I Can't Wait", the dead slow ballad "Uh Oh" or the mid tempo groove led "Can't Go Back". Her voice however carries the day on an album that contains several nice tunes like the catchy "Secret Garden". One of the best "indie" 80's style Soul.

It took 15 years for Peggi Blu to release a follow-up to her excellent Blu Blowin' album, but it was certainly worth the wait. Expansion Records already put out a track by Peggi on the Soul Sauce Volume One compilation back in 1992, but this track (Love is the Magic) is not included on this CD. Instead, the brand new CD contains some excellent, 80's sounding soul songs like the emotional title track, the smooth flowing Long After Midnight, the respectable cover of Go Away Little Boy, and the mellow mid-ballad Uh Oh.

An imminent release for UK Expansion label is the 'Livin' on Love' set from Peggi Blu. Yes! The Peggi Blu 'Tender Moments' etc. The tracks 'I Can't Wait' and 'Can't Go Back' bring back pure nostalgia and make you think of labels like Manhattan, Hush and Geffen, etc ... If you went for the 80's in a big way, you will love this!

Renowned soul vocalist who has sung backgrounds with such artists as Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand; best known for her Capitol recordings in the '80s including the critically acclaimed LP "Blu Blowin'"; this is her first brand new album since then.

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