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May 20 2015:

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Special Guest: PEGGI BLU - "Star Search"/1986 Grand Champion Female Vocalist, Capitol Records Recording Artist, & American Idol Vocal Coach; from Los Angeles, CA

Feb 22 2012:

Peggi Blu, American Idol's "Vocal Coach From Hell", is going to be on TV
this week in Los Angeles!!

1. "Studio 11" on Wednesday at 5:00 PM (with Lisa Breckenridge)
2. "Good Day LA" on Thursday at 9:00 AM (with Dorothy Lucey, Steve Edwards,
& Jillian Barbarie)

Both shows are on Fox KTTV Channel 11 here in Los Angeles.

Like the rest of America and the world that tuned into the #1 rated show on television this Tuesday & Wednesday, February 22nd & 23rd of 2011; unsuspecting tens of millions of people all bore witness to the volcanic, cataclysmic, vocal coach magnificence that is TV's latest overnight phenomena; MISS PEGGI BLU... who Ryan Seacrest affectionately dubbed, 'The Vocal Coach From Hell'!

The results are in and it is unanimous from Peggi's peers, pupils, the press & public alike, in an ailing recording industry that no longer invests any real time or dimes on Artist Development, THIS WOMAN ROCKS, TRIPS, KICKS & WHIPS KIDS INTO SHAPE ON THE REAL TO REMOTELY HAVE A CHANCE AT GETTING A RECORD DEAL!

Billboard Magazine declares
"...Someone give this woman her own show...".

Hillary Rothing of The TV Squad exclaims
"...We've found the new Simon...".

Andrew Payne of Starpulse Magazine writes
"...Peggi Blu was clearly the breakout star of the show...".

Andy Denhart of Reality Blurred demands
"...Peggi Blu, the vocal coach from hell, needs to replace
(or at least join) mentor Jimmy Iovine").


Peggi Blu is quite simply a singer's singer and an entertainer's entertainer... the real deal in every sense of the word. Renowned in Europe, headlining in Africa, sought after here in the states if you want your vocals (either live or in the studio) done fast, tight & right; Peggi Blu is the one the industries best kept secrets but (still) 'The One' the most celebrated recording stars all call first! When she walks into a room of industry giants and big wigs, all heads must bow and all mouths must confess, 'that woman knows what she's doing, and if you let her, she will improve the voodoo that you (think) you do, so well". An unsung vocal powerhouse with a galactic echelon of onstage experience, impeccable character, dead on professionalism and the walking personification of precise perfect power under pressure; what makes her unique on IDOL or any other tutelage capacity is that she can back up what she yaks up... she vocally reaches everything she preaches and teaches. No auto-tune necessary, thank you very much!

With currently a new album in place, produced masterfully by her longtime collaborator, musical director and husband, the Grammy Award winning Producer, Ted Perlman, touring her self penned show, "BLU SINATRA" with her mesmerizing renditions of Ole Blue Eyes' classics channeled through this fierce black woman and headlining gigs at The Las Vegas Hilton as part of her showbiz Son, Eric Floyd's DIVA FEVER REVUE and Eric Floyd's OLD SCHOOL PARTY alongside contemporaries as Thelma Houston, Freda Payne, Carol Douglas, Wanda Dee, Sister Sledge, The Emotions & AMERICAN IDOL alumni, Frenchie Davis, just to name a few, she remains as relevant and on point today, mesmerizing audiences the world over, as she always has!

Peggi has also vocally coached her showbiz Grandson, Siameze: The Godson Of Rock & Soul (Vegas' youngest headliner) as he completes his self produced / self written debut Pop/Funk/Rock/Dance album project; "Born To Dance" (with co-production also by Ted Perlman, Chico Bennett & Full Force).

The Jury may still be out on how and/or if AMERICAN IDOL's returning Producer, Nigel Lythgoe will do with Peggi Blu, but if he's got his ears tuned to the streets, then he'll act swiftly to keep this no nonsense, gut wrenching, kick ass, hell raising vocal champion & Master Class Teacher as part of the show in a much more wider & greater featured capacity; for America just can't get quite enough of her. Finally, someone to tell these chil'ren like it is, who is a true vocal veteran of The Biz!


Peggi Blu's background is extensive and impressive.
She has performed for prominent political figures as well as megastars.

Drop Peggi an email
know what her music does for you.


Starring Peggi Blu
Music Arranged by Ted Perlman & Peggi Blu

Listen to an MP3 from BLU SINATRA, "One More For The Road"

photos from Blu Sinatra | reviews

“I Got The Money”
by Peggi Blu (featuring Larry Hart)

From the Michael Jackson produced play “SISTERELLA”. Released in Europe in 1998 on Sony. Michael produced the song and this is ”Michael’s Mix”. Peggi starred in the show as
“Dahlia, the Wicked Stepmother”.

Peggi Blu's Livin' on Love available now!

PEGGI BLU has a duet with soul singer Stephanie Mills on Stephanie's new greatest hits CD entitled "Gold" (Universal Records). The song is "His Name Is Michael". It was produced by legendary producer Phil Ramone.

You can download the single at iTunes.