SaveOurSoul interview with Peggi Blu
Interview 13 December 2002
SaveOurSoul artist of the month - Dec 2002

SaveOurSoul spoke to Peggi Blu just minutes after she did the show "Most Wanted Ladies of The Blues" in Switzerland.

SaveOurSoul: How was the show Peggi?

Peggi Blu: The show was absolutely delicious.

SOS: Do you consider yourself a blues singer?

Peggi: Absolutely, because everybody has to go through the blues, everybody has the blues. If you've experienced any disorder at any time in your life that's the blues and so to be able to sing about it is a wonderful thing. So yes!

SOS: On your new album "Livin' On Love" I've heard music that I've been missing for such a long time on the radio. Why did it take almost 15 years before you came up with a new album?

Peggi: Ooh you make my heart sing, thank you! I know you would come up with this question. Everything changed and I was a little bit disillusioned for along time. I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in musically and I wanted to take a lot of time to experience a lot of different things. So I did a lot of theatre, lots of gospel shows, and background singing. I also did vocal coaching and a lot of stuff. This way I could clear my head and really understand me and what I wanted to do and then we came up with "Livin' On Love" and I'm so proud of it.

SOS: Is it an advantage to explore these fields e.g. musicals as a singer?

Peggi: Yes, it is an advantage it helps you even with more discipline.

SOS: How would you describe the music on your album?

Peggi: Delicious, delicious, delicious. It goes right through the soul of you. Through the heart right to the soul!

SOS: It's an album made with love and passion.

Peggi: Yes that's exactly what we were aiming for. This is really grown up adult music. You have to wear long pants to enjoy this fully. It's for people who love life and who love eachother and who love music.

SOS: Are you from North Carolina?

Peggi: Yes I'm from North Carolina, but I left when I was a pre-teen and then lived in New York for many years and now I'm in California.

SOS: Which cut on "Livin' On Love" reflects more or less the most of you?

Peggi: (note: here Peggi begins to sing live in the show the lyrics of the title song 'Livin on Love' - "I just wanna lie here beside you!") Livin On Love!

SOS: Thank you so much Peggi. We love you!

Peggi: Thank you, I love you too!

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