“Last night's performance (of Blu Sinatra) will be a musical high I will remember forever! Peggi is a supreme singer and performer and resonates with heart, soul and great ‘I do it my way’ energy. It's time the gods decreed she is on the stage and on the air waves enthralling us all to ‘fly to the moon’ with her ‘night and day’! Sinatra was never so electric cool. Nor did he ever stimulate such a tingling heat when he sang like Peggi does.”

Phoebe Larmore
(internationally known literary agent)

"When I heard the great news that Peggi Blu (and her show ‘Blu Sinatra’) had been granted an extended run in one of Hollywood's top cabarets, I was overjoyed but not surprised. No one handles that style of music any better than Peggi Blu. I'm sure when the show makes its way to Broadway, Sinatra will be somewhere in the rafters cheering her on."

Tanya Hart
Host: ”Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart”

“Few singers could pull it off, but …PEGGI BLU, whose records have made her a legend among devoted European soul music lovers…and who won ‘Star Search’ long before anyone talked of ‘American Idol’, has the guts, the heart and…the soul...Her emotionally-charged ‘My Way’ …was the highlight of the night. BLU literally took the song ‘to church’, delivering it with conviction, passion and honesty: Frank would have been proud!”

David Nathan
(internationally known music journalist)

“What an incredible night last night was. Peggi was superb. I just loved her show. Beautiful songs and perfect readings. I was quite impressed with her duets which took it to another place….her (version of) ‘My Way’ would have made Frank jealous.”

Ron Dante
(world famous record producer)

“Legendary singer ‘Peggi Blu performs a SOULFUL tribute featuring the songs of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ as they would sound if he had been born a Black Woman in her new smash show Blu Sinatra”

Los Angeles Times

“What a great show - everything was perfect! Yeah yeah!!”

Linda Hopkins (internationally known blues singing star)

“I had the pleasure of experiencing ‘Blu Sinatra’ last evening…and your show was truly wonderful! Your guests, Valentino, William R. Perry, Robert Prete, and especially the fine accompaniment by Ted Perlman, was a perfect blending of talent, artistry and chemistry. I plan to return and enjoy another evening of ‘Blu Sinatra’ … thank you for the sparkling performance.”

Thelma Jones
(internationally known vocalist)

“The show is amazing. You guys are so wonderful and wonderful together. It was like watching the crowning achievement of two people who have always been magnificent.”

Bill Thomas
(well known television & film actor)

“What a fabulous night! You gave us such a gift!...The whole atmosphere in the room made me feel like I was in church. There was a spirit there that was all goodness and kindness and it all came about because of you and the people's love for you. Thank you for letting us all have that glimpse into the moments of your life.”

Virginia Keene

Just a brief e-mail to tell you how much fun I had at your brilliant show ‘Blu Sinatra’ last night. Thank you for everything”

Allan Rich
(million-selling songwriter)

“It was great seeing you two the other night … Peggi sang her butt off and you played great (guitar) … Great job!!”

Frank & ValLimar Jansen
(internationally known Christian performers)

Thank you for a wonderful evening.(We) were thoroughly entertained and enlightened to the musical artistry of Miss Peggi Blu and Mr. Ted Perlman. More than a performance it was a celebration of the power of a long standing marriage...You are wonderful!...Ted played his butt off!...Please consider me to be your newest fan!

Lillian Tynes Perry
(Actress, Performer, and wife of famed singer Phil Perry)

“(Peggi) - you are beautiful and inspiring!”

Rocio Mendoza

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